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Merging insightful data with practical expertise to deliver Elite Development Protocols for championship organizations and their athletes

Raising the Bar

Michael Wahle

What does it take to become an elite athlete?  A top performing franchise?  Standards and ownership.   The standards we set for our processes and our adherence to those processes will maximize our outcome.

After 15 seasons working in the NFL, I have created a system to combat the deficiencies the system presents to becoming technical masters.  We have replaced foundational technical development with combine prep.  Whether you started your football journey at an option school or a perennial national champion; our Unrivaled Player Development Program will make you a better professional athlete.  Our Development Data and Team Services create opportunities for teams of all levels to better engage the process of technical and professional development within the building.    The detail and repetition that is required to become a MASTER OF CRAFT is the backbone of our individual professional development and the basis for team culture.

At Unrivaled, our Elite Skill Systems began by detailing out the best practice methods for the core fundamentals of my sport: blocking and tackling.  We have created an industry-first behavioral assessment specific to sport, a technical/talent assessment model, and a best of practice progression system in place to develop technical mastery and professionalism.  Unrivaled can help any athlete become the best version of themselves.  You bring the effort, we will get you there!


I want to give players the chance to become the best versions of themselves.  We are here at Unrivaled to create opportunities for greatness.  

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